Back on Track Long Johns

  • The back on track therapeutic long johns are made from our state-of-the-art welltex fabric infused with ceramic powder
  • The ceramic reflects your natural body heat and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth which is a recognized method to reduce inflammation
  • The infrared warmth eases muscle tension, increases blood circulation and compliments the healing process
  • Back on track therapeutic long johns provide soothing warmth that relieves groin and superficial hip pain as well as cold sensations
  • The fabric is soft, comfortable and easy to wear, day or night

Lettia All Purpose Saddle Pad

Featuring bright exciting colors, the CoolMax Ice Pads are innovative and a must-have!  CoolMax is a moisture-wicking fabric providing breathability pulling moisture away from your horses skin.  Girth slit provides a neater appearance and helps to keep your pad in place.


  • CoolMax Performance Fabric
  • Girth Slit
  • Breathable
  • Machine Washable

25" Spine
20" Drop
Pad- 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton
Lining- 65% Polyester/35% CoolMax

The 'mukluk' NOW IN

The 'mukluk' is an Aboriginal word for 'winter boot'. Our ancestors created them thousands of years ago out of natural hides and fur in order to survive in the coldest places in Canada. Now as a contemporary M├ętis company, we continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional mukluks for urban environments. The footbed is sheepskin-lined and the sole was designed by Cree artist Heather Endall.